Rock Creek Social Club's Grilled Cheese Social has become a hotly anticipated summer event. For the past two years, each of the celebration's ten seasonal iterations brings out, on average, over 500 guests. I aligned the 2015 launch with National Grilled Cheese Day and implemented an aggressive press campaign to get the word out. Additionally, I put in place a RSVP system to collect data. By the 2016 launch, the event and Rock Creek Social Club had become household names with a completely new audience. With a reputation spanning six years of "no-posturing, no-inhibitions partying" and the runaway success of Grilled Cheese Social, #EverydayPPLDC (sold out each time) and other events, Rock Creek Social Club has been able to secure partnerships with Red Bull, Diageo Brands, Stella Artois, SoulCycle, Lyft and more.

Fritz Hahn, The Washington Post:

"A 'Grilled Cheese and Ice Cream Social' sounds like an event thrown by your local church youth group, not one of the hottest promotion teams in D.C. But the Grilled Cheese Social at Marvin, powered by DJs Jerome Baker III and Mathias, is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, listening to great tunes, enjoying drink specials and, yes, munching on grilled cheese sandwiches or adult ice creams from New York's Mikey Likes It."


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